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"He's Gone Out..."

"He's gone out, gentlemen. He didn't say where he was going, sir. If he's not at Mr. Seward's, it's most likely he has gone to some other place." White House doorkeeper Edward McManus wasn't covering for President Lincoln against the unexpected Senate visitors. He really didn't know. Secretary William O. Stoddard captured the essential elusiveness of our 16th president, when he described this oft-repeated scene when Lincoln would set out by himself to find a general, a colleague or a friend on a moment's impulse.

This site is dedicated to building a comprehensive database of places where Lincoln had gone, and when, during his frequent forays out of the Executive Mansion. Forget about the glib place references in the many biographys and historys. I need your help to examine my primary source evidence and analysis and point me to alternatives that should be examined to get us closer to a true picture of Lincoln's journeys in Washington during the Civil War.


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