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Welcome to the tours that tell the stories of Abraham Lincoln as a resident of Washington, D.C.  No president before or since Lincoln has spent so much time in the neighborhoods surrounding the White House.  His presence added many anecdotes to the already rich history of Lafayette Square.  Our tours build on information gathered from letters, diaries, and other evidence that was created while Lincoln was alive.  From those actual observers we were able to determine where our 16th President would venture when he left the Executive Mansion, and how those interactions influenced many of his significant decisions. Join me in exploring Washington D.C. as Lincoln knew it.   


John O'Brien


Mr. Lincoln's Washington

The essential Lincoln beyond-the-White House tour. He was very familiar with the city between his residence and the Capitol building. The Lincoln story unfolds at sites between 7th and 14th streets NW, and Pennsylvania Avenue to H Street.


Lafayette Square
& the Civil War

Many critical events in the Lincoln presidency occurred around historic Lafayette Square Park. Your guide will identify the buildings and places where Lincoln learned to be both the master of his own government and commander-in-chief. 

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