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My name is John and I brake for roadside historical markers. The Civil War has been a particular interest since my dad took me to the 100th Anniversary re-enactment at Gettysburg. Since then, I have toured battlefield sites throughout the eastern theatre. My three daughters can mark their growth by the fortifications and cannons they were posed against. Living in the Washington, D.C. metro area since 2005 has allowed me access to the amazing resources here for studying the Lincoln Administration and the National Capital during the Civil War. I started looking for a guide to President Lincoln’s life in Washington, but nothing available seemed to capture enough of the story to satisfy me. So I created my own. You can buy the beautifully illustrated map on this website. I put a high personal value in trying to settle confusion in the professional literature as to where Lincoln did what. So I spent a lot of time going to source documents to verify my sites. This website will share more detail about the Lincoln sites and will continue to update the research. I want to help the reader experience Washington as Lincoln did, as if through his eyes. This is about exploring the public life of Abraham Lincoln and the civil war history of Washington, DC.

Historic Fixation: Lincoln at Wilkes-Madison House

Every reader of Civil War history can tell you about Lincoln’s frequent visits to the house on Lafayette Square that was  the headquarters and residence of Major General George B. McClellan.  Known today as the Wilkes-Madison House on H Street at … Continue reading

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If Lincoln had a “Drinking Buddy”…Gustavus Vasa Fox

A friend was looking at my Lincoln in Washington map and said he thought he had read somewhere that Gustavus V. Fox had lived at the Navy Yard.  Fox was a New Hampshireman and a former naval officer who made an excellent … Continue reading

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